Monterey preschools

Monterey preschools

Monterey preschools

Monterey preschools

Monterey preschools

How To Apply

Step 1

Gather Documents

Proof of child's age/Original birth certificate

Parent Driver's License/ID card/Passport

Proof of Address/Lease Agreement/Mortgage Statement

Proof of Income/Income verification form

Imunization Forms

Recent physical signed off by child's pediatrician


Step 2

Bring and Verify Documents


Bring your documents to the school at the church. If the school is not open (due to summer hours), talk to the church staff or give us a call to organize a time. We will verify your documents and enroll your child.


Step 3

Let The Learning Begin!

Bring your child on the first day of school in September.


Note: If your family is in a temporary living situation, you are not required to present the proof of address documents listed above for verification. We may enroll students in temporary living situations even if the student lacks the proper documentation. Just talk to one of the preschool or church staff members and we can assess your situation independently.



Are you in Monterey looking for "preschools near me" ?

The Monterey United Methodist Church Preschool offers a diverse congregation of people for Monterey residents. We're dedicated to helping make the love of Christ visible in the world. We believe that a quality Christian foundation begins with a strong faith based education. From the earliest moments of a child's life, the core values and principles that will shape their lives should be taught with loving guidance from highly qualified teachers and staff. Our purpose is to help parents create a solid foundation for their children in a learning and loving environment and to prepare them for future scholastic and life long success.

Our Monterey Preschool Offers The Following:

Quality Christian Monterey Preschools

The mission of Monterey United Methodist Church Preschool is to provide children with a nurturing learning environment that encourages social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive development. The curriculum is age-appropriate, child centered, and focuses on the development of the whole child.

We provide a quality Monterey preschool education, in a nurturing Christian setting, for kids in these areas of California:

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If you are looking for a local Monterey preschool providing a strong faith based education, call 831-375-8285 or contact us online.